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The KineretAs someone who frequently shares their creativity and updates on social media, you want to make sure your audience can easily access your work no matter what platform they prefer. I specialize in building websites for individuals and small businesses. You do what you normally do, and I can build your website from your social media posts. You don’t have to worry about learning code, dealing with complicated software, or having your personal information made public.

Privacy Matters

  • You should have full control of how much of your information is out there. Unfortunately, we often don’t but using a subdomain is a good way of at least making sure it’s not easy to get your information. If you prefer a top level domain, I can include that in your package, and buy the domain so that you don’t have to. You get a professional looking site without the risks of owning a domain unless you want to.
  • Whatever the reason is, so long as you’re not a purveyor of hate, that you don’t want your sensitive information online, we respect and will defend your privacy.
  • Activists, people who deal with adult topics, and other public personalities definitely find the subdomain option useful.

Stay Independent

  • With so many platforms competing with each other and not always making the best decisions, it is more important than ever to gain internet independence. 
  • Having your own website means having a central place where you can be visible across different platforms.
  • Having a standalone website means that even if one social media account gets banned or shut down, your audience won’t lose touch with you completely.
  • Having my own web presence prevented me from virtually disappearing when the algorithms changed. It helped Bar Rosner keep promoting his art when someone hacked his YouTube account. It also helped Arden Keren when Tapuz Blogs ceased to exist. It can help you the same.

Hassle-Free Web Design

  • My web design service handles all the technical aspects of setting up and running a website so that you don’t have to learn HTML or CSS or do any coding at all.
  • With the total management plan, updating your site is as easy as a social media post. I watch your profiles to see what’s new at least weekly.
  • Study House is one of the sites that I manage totally, and they are very pleased with it.


By letting me build your site you get:

  • Visibility and privacy at the same time.
  • Independence no matter what the billionaires do with their platforms.
  • No coding. No blinking page builders. No confusion.

See our Options and Pricing, and contact me to get started today.

Nicole T. Lasher

Webmatron with over 20 years experience running successful sites.

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