What is managed web hosting?

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Kthulah.comManaged web hosting means a website is built out of the statuses, writing, art, photos and other things that you normally post on social media.

Your site can be set up to autopost your social media from other places as posts on your website, or you can let me decide and curate your social media posts into engaging articles and galleries. You just relax and do what you normally do while a site is created that allows you to retain your fans and followers regardless of the whims and foibles of billionaires.

You’re an admin on your site, so you maintain control of everything that happens. Consider me like the technician who make sure things keep running as they should, and that you have a central location where people can find your content no matter what happens to your social media accounts.

I accept sites about any subject matter that is legal and not hateful.

Nicole T. Lasher

Webmatron with over 20 years experience running successful sites.

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