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North Pole MoonWordPress Hosting With Subdomain

The basic plan with a WordPress powered subdomain is just $25 per month. On this plan, you run your own site, and I’m just there as technical support if needed.

Available domains:






As you can see, these domains are already receiving plenty of traffic, so you will get hits within days that you start posting. I will also promote your site on HumanShared.com, Mastodon, and anywhere else appropriate to its topic.

WordPress Hosting With Subdomain and Maintenance

This is for those who want to post and curate their own posts, but prefer that someone else handle the technical side. I will maintain and add any plugins or features necessary, set up your graphics, and all you have to do is post. I will make this easier for you by adding features to display your social media posts on your website.

This option costs $250 per month.

You also get the usual site promotion as well as at least monthly posts on my sites about what’s new on your site.

Total Site Management With Domain

A top level domain will be bought on your behalf, and I will handle all of the technical aspects and editing. You just do what you normally do, and let me take care of everything. It’ll be like having an official fan site, but you control all that happens in it.

This option is $500 per month.

Cost Comparison

This is expensive compared to other hosting options in which you run your own sites and do all the work, but it’s inexpensive compared to hiring a personal webmaster. My scale for exclusive service is $150 per hour or $3000 per month as a contractor.

The reason I can offer this service relatively inexpensively is because I’m just that good at it. I’m a webmatron with over 20 years of experience, and I’ve learned how to quickly and efficiently build sites that get views. I’ve managed to not become totally invisible despite the changes and biased algorithms.

Let me show you the difference that a strong web presence and freedom from the whims of billionaires can make.

Sign up on this page, or contact me to get started. You can also sign up through my Patreon membership options.

Normal Web Hosting

We also offer normal web hosting starting at under $25 per month. Click here to get started.



Nicole T. Lasher

Webmatron with over 20 years experience running successful sites.

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