Long ago, I was told that my poetry is like a wrestling match between my feelings and my language, and that when I write something good, it is actually my feelings that have won the match.  I've figured out a way to express them despite the limitations of the English language.

What you see here may not be Walt Whitman, but it is the best that I can do.  Countless scraps of drivel, even for my standard, have been pruned for the sake of showing the best face of my work.  Hopefully, you'll enjoy some of it.  If not, then I hope that it at least doesn't give you nightmares of my English teachers as clowns.

Romantic Poems:

Breakup/Heartbreak Poems: Friendship Poems: More to come...

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Niki Lasher (a.k.a. Nubianne Kthulah Black)
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