a hungry creature lives
inside your head
its exoskeleton
of shyness blushed

but half the savor of
the flesh within
is known to come from boil-
ing of the shell

my tentacles could push
into your eyes
and find the sticky warmth
behind the mask

and stimulate the grow-
ing monster there
until its little teeth
begin to grow

then draw my phallic fin-
gers back again
before i'm bitten down
or swallowed whole

i could get used to this
i could get used
i could get hurt by this
and i could bleed

the price of penetra-
tion could be loss
or worse to be surpassed
by deeper fangs

and held in place without
the will to run
my wild and gentle wind
becomes a storm

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Niki Lasher (a.k.a. Nubianne Kthulah Black)
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