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Welcome to the corner of cyberspace where I deposit my art.  Most of it is two dimensional, but I also post photos of some of my sculptures, assemblies, sensation art, crafts, and braiding art.
Artist's Statement:

The bulk of my recent work is expressionist.  In the past, it was more realist and fashion oriented, but things change.  I am no longer as certain of my world as I once was, so the images that come out of me are less concrete and more spiritual and emotional.  Losing one's illusions about the most important thing in one's life and a couple of near death experiences will do that to a person.  The physical world becomes a mask that one tries to break through.  My pickaxe is art.

I was told once by someone attempting to interpret my works, that they showed a hatred for beautiful women.  My answer was that I wish that were so, and indeed I do.  That would be nice and simple.  The problem is that I am a beautiful woman myself with no confidence problems or trouble receiving compliments accordingly.  It's just that I know in the end how meaningless physical beauty is to more important things such as physical safety.  In fact, most of the life lessons I've had related to physical beauty have been that a pretty face is a beacon for predators.  On its own in normal life where most people look fairly mundane, it is much like the dead carcass of a wilderbeast laying in the tall grass.

So my women are mutilated, twisted, and stretched.  They are turned into disposable items for someone else's pleasure, or torn open to reveal the beauty or ugliness inside.  Sometimes I, the artist acting as the viewer, force them to show me what is in them and sometimes they give it to me.  Most of the time I am the artist, the viewer, and the subject.

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